Cara Conroy-Low Acupuncturist

Cara Conroy-Low, R.Ac, Dip. DTCM, B.A. (Hons)

Owner and Acupuncturist

Cara brings a joyful East meets West approach to holistic medicine. As a New Zealand-born citizen of the world, she spent the first half of her life in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China.  Cara has trained in mind-body integrative health for over 16 years.

Specializations include common health conditionspainmental/emotional balance, and reproductive and hormonal health for men and women.

As a graduate from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cara holds an Acupuncture Diploma and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma. She is a Registered Acupuncturist in BC.  Her continual training and influences include:

Cara takes a whole person approach to health – all factors, previous history, injuries, surgeries, stress, diet and emotions are part of the full picture of any reduced function in our bodies.  By pinpointing and addressing the blocks and helping our nervous system return to balance, our health can re-emerge and flourish naturally. She also teaches body based awareness & healing classes at Qi Anatomy. 

As a long term student of meditation teachers Qapel Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat, and a resident at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, she undertakes long meditation retreats each year.
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"Cara is incredibly intuitive and caring. She really listens to your health concerns and my body feels years younger since seeing her. My knee pain is gone and I have so much more energy and positivity. Thanks Cara!”
Ava M.
Marketing Consultant